January 27, 2022


I proceed some frequently asked questions. I want to prevent asking them, so you may see my answers here.

Q: What type of game you are working at?
A: I am working on game where you try and seduce one of six (and later maybe even more) girls.

Q: Do you plan include NTR stuff?
A: Definitelly not. I want create game where nobody can touch your girl, so it’s very bad idea making it even harder and sharing your girl with someone else. You still must earn her trust and love.

Q: Is this project including harem path?
A: No. In real life almost nobody have that much luck to seduce multiple womens and live with all of them peaceful life. Stay in reality.

Q: What type of fetishes I can’t see in this game?
A: You probably never see many of these: big ass, big boobs, corruption, gay, gore, group sex, harem, incest, mind control, milf, titfuck, vore, and many other.

Q: What type of fetishes I CAN see in this game?
A: You will probably see one or more of these: creampie, monster girls, pregnancy, small tits and few other.

Q: When I may see some progress?
A: I created my Patreon page (see link somewhere here) and here will be visible progress on actual version.

Q: I want to help you with coding / graphics / other stuff.
A: It’s possible and you may help. But do you like do it for free?

Q: Must I pay for the game?
A: No. This game will be free for everyone, but you may support me on Patreon and get access to new versions early before public release. And I am sure that I may offer some other things like wallpapers for all patrons, maybe even exclussive.

Missing any question? Ask me on Discord.