January 27, 2022


On this web / gallery we have few basic rules:

  • No violence – Any violence, propagation of hate and any other stuff like this is not allowed.
  • No rasism – Anyone who propagate rasism or other hate thing will be removed as soon as possible.
  • No sexism – No comment. Everyone already know what I meant by this rule.
  • No politics – Here is not allowed any discussion about politic situation in your or other country. Go make your small talk about policics somewhere else.
  • No porn – Any uploaded porn image or link to any porn website leads only one way.
  • No ads – Posting links to another websites or making advertisment to product / web is not allowed.

If you broke any of these rules, you end with best ending for others: BANNED. No exceptions.

This rules may be changed or updated without any warning. If you’re registered on this site, you automatically accept all of this rules.