January 27, 2022



In this world live more races. Beside humans, there are Nekos, Kitsunes, Elves, Demons and few other. Some of them are undiscovered and may appear in story when time comes. Legends says that every other races, beside humans, are result of breeding between Demons and animals. How many truth is in this sentence is on your imagination. But some truth may be in any legend. If you believe these rumors, then you will not be surprised.

Legends says that in this world, many millenia ago, lived other races, Seraphims included. You never seen one, as any other living being on this planet these days. Facts says, that Seraphims are only legend. It’s not hard to believe in facts… Demons, that is another chapter. Demons are real. Many people seen them and some of that people know them.

For example:
If Demon breed with Fox then result will be always Kumiho. After Kumiho breed with human, there is result another Kumiho or Kitsune. In this world are not know any other Kumiho in these days, so they may be undiscovered, hiding in uninhabited areas or extinct. That may be good thing, because Kumiho, as legends said, are hostile to other races.
If Demon breed with Cat then result will be always Neko. More furry Neko, but still… When Neko breed with Human then again result will be always Neko, but less furry.
Elves are natural and can’t produce offsprings with other races, except themselfs or humans. Elves may live very long. Their average age attacks fifteen centuries.
Succubi are natural, but they may produce offsprings with every races. Sadly they are very rare and many of them walk on our planet in disguise or hiding in uninhabited areas.
And for humans, well, they make ninety percent of population on this planet.


Your dad was demon and you are result of crossbreeding experiment between Demon and Human. You look like human and yet you haven’t any special or magic abilities like demons. You are student of college (as you can see yourself back in these years, right?) and really haven’t many friends. On top of it, you never has any girlfriend in your short life, because interactions with girls are tough for you.

Present day from MC’s view

I live with my mother Ellen and elf maid named Zoe. Yes, elf maid. What is it? You don’t know elves? Where you are from that you don’t know the best maids and fancy workers in our world? Ah, I see, you are not from big town. What? You know catgirls? Oh yes, they are very cute. Okay, not all, but most of them. I have few nekos in my class. For your information, nekos dislike calling them “catgirl”, “kitty” or something else. You must call them by their names. That way you earn their respect and in some cases also friendship. As for other races, I have in my class also one Kitsune. Yes, it’s that foxgirl. Very smart girl. Shy, but looks like friendly one. I don’t speak with any of them often. Our “greetings” is mostly all we say to others in all day. But I think that Foxy, that’s the name of the Kitsune, likes me. And I don’t lie you, friend, I like her too. Same as for the two neko sisters in my class.

Hmmm, maybe I need to do something about it. I must decide who I want to “hunt” (more like “jump”, because they are all so hot). Or maybe not. Our cute elf maid is hot too, so why not try to make move this way, right? Dude, are you serious? Why human girl? Almost all of them are boring all the time and I really like these exotic races, so shut up or leave.

You are still here? Okay, that’s right. Let’s continue. So I has this nice dream about cute ginger girl. Well, maybe a bit scary, because she has horns and wings, even tail, if I remember correctly… But she was something… I don’t think that someone like her exist. But who knows, right? That ginger has really interesting name. Something like Arishava or Arieseva. Yeah, the second one is right. So I think that I want dream about her more… Just… She seems like interesting person and I see nothing wrong with dreaming about cute (and bit scary) girl with wings and tail 😀