January 27, 2022


As you probably see, this is not final version of this page and it may be changed to more suitable version anytime. All of it need some polishing, cleaning and thinking about what to do next. You may put your ideas to me. I really appreciate it. But final decissions are on me. If you wish to change something and have good reasons for it, try to contact me via Discord – link is in menu above this text.

Here is list of known humanoid races living on our planet. Maybe is something wrong in your terms, but hey, we live in another world in another Universe.

  • Nekos living in villages and small towns. They are almost never lazy beings unlike their animal relatives. Nekos are very productive, but a bit primitive. Their goal is make their life more comfortable.
  • Kitsunes are very smart and their true personality is hidden from others. Many of them are very shy. Kitsunes are very close to Demons, but they are peaceful. Most of them live in forrests and villages, hidden from other races, but few of them are integrated to our society.
  • Demons are always hungry for power. This is their true self and one of few weakeness. They don’t know fear or pain in our description. They also don’t know many other emotions.
  • Succubi are different specie of demons. They are very rare thanks to their actions against other races even if it’s their nature. They are smart like kitsunes and hungry for action, if you know, what I mean. They have no hunger for power, but they are full of lust. Their goal is seduce young male from any other race and slowly drain his life energy. That male is their source until die. Thanks for this, succubi are not very popular and some people of other races hunt them.
  • Humans living in their towns happily with their technology and science, but fear of other races make them bit paranoid. Still, humans using services of other races, especially elves. Humans are most advanced race and makes them 90% of humanoids on this planet.
  • Elves living partialy in forrests and villages, some of them too on mountains. They living very long and peaceful lifes and most of them serve as workers, waitress or maids. Elves aren’t slaves, they are paid well for their services. Many elves have centuries of experience in their works and earned respect from others. Looking for waitress? Need headmaid? Need new decorative furniture? Contact agenture and ask for one of them. You will be satisfied!